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At IKIGAI DAI, results are pursued in a short time through semi-intensive courses with the aim of having students participate actively and with confidence and joy in activities involving the use of foreign languages that have a social impact. We devote time to letting students share their experiences and wishes, and we take a respectful interest in their background. We set clear objectives and value their interest in learning languages and their contribution to the international community and to a modern society. Students are not divided by levels: a combination of activities of different levels is offered in mixed-level classes in which students collaborate with one another to get the best out of the content and increase their level at their individual pace. We are in line with UNESCO’s Agenda 2030, which proposes to create a society in which all generations contribute in their best capacity. We want to empower the international voice of Japanese seniors by helping them achieve a working knowledge of second languages, mainly Spanish and English.

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Years of research and teaching back this project. At Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, a Spanish program for seniors directed by our Academic Director, Dr. Montserrat Sanz Yagüe, a specialist in linguistics, brain and cognitive sciences, has been conducted for years, resulting in hundreds of hours of teaching and benefitting hundreds of students through language lessons and special events. Two doctoral dissertations and the publication of a book that is considered seminal work in the area of language teaching to older adults are the result of the research conducted during those years.

This program has contributed to the wellbeing of its participants in many ways. Our mission is to continue exploring the best ways of teaching second languages to adults. Our goal is to keep prices to the minimum so that financial reasons are never in the way of seniors pursuing their dream of speaking languages. We will never leave anyone behind. We need your collaboration. If you want to donate to our non-profit incorporated association, please contact us. We appreciate the support of people who want to be part of this social movement to empower seniors at a time in which they are very much needed in all advanced societies.


Jacqueline T. Okuma

Director (Trustee)

Midori Inoue (MA)

Course coordinator and teacher

Montserrat Sanz (PhD)

Director (Representative of trustees)

Ander iriarte (MA)

Course coordinator and teacher

Chie Ishida (PhD)

Academic Advisor (Trustee)

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