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Opening of the Multilingual Volunteer Guide Practice Salon!

¡Transmitamos el "Omotenashi (hospitalidad japonesa)" a los extranjeros que visitan Japón!

Opening of the Multilingual Volunteer Guide Practice Salon for Japanese seniors who want to work as volunteer guides but lack confidence, knowledge or experience, or want to improve their guiding skills.

Those who have no plans to become guides or who wish to use a foreign language to convey Japanese culture are also welcome.


Basic communication between students and teachers will be in Japanese and English, but activities and role-plays will be conducted in the language of the students’ choice. In this way, each student will be able to choose which language he or she wants to practice.

Currently, the languages available are English and Spanish, but we are working to make it possible to select French and Italian as well.

Both native and non-native teachers will participate in this salon. Participants are expected to participate on their own initiative, but will also receive advice and support in their preferred language from the teachers.

With the aim of becoming better guides, lectures, advice and on-the-job training by Mr. Nakano, President of Kadeco SGG Kansai, are also planned.


Schedule and other details of the Multilingual Volunteer Guide Practice Salon:

Please provide a valid CSV file.

Please tell us in your email which language you would like to practice.

If you are not sure whether you want to participate or not, please feel free to come on May 25!